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Review: Cadbury Jaffa Chocolate.

Review: Cadbury Jaffa Chocolate.

If you follow new chocolate flavours religiously, then you’ll fondly remember when Cadbury released their special edition Jaffa chocolate last year - and it was so popular, that it’s back!

The re-release ties in with the upcoming 15th annual Dunedin Jaffa race, when thousands of Jaffas are hurled down Baldwin Street - also known as the steepest street in the world.

Coup De Main was lucky enough to taste test the chocolate this week (a.k.a eat an entire block of it in the name of journalism). Read our thoughts below…

The flavour is described as “Dairy Milk milk chocolate with ‘choc-orange’ balls and orange chips,” and the orange chips add a whole new dimension to the concept of Jaffas. They add a crunchy texture inside the soft and creamy classic Cadbury flavour, providing a reminder that this is no ordinary Cadbury block of chocolate.

The Jaffas in the block are slightly smaller than the average you’d find in the supermarket, and are a welcome surprise in the classic bar. Some pieces unfortunately don’t have any Jaffas in them, but more than anything, it’s just an incentive to have another piece.

As someone who normally only eats dark chocolate, the Dairy Milk actually works incredibly well with the distinct orange flavour of the Jaffa - they are equally balanced, a combination which also makes the chocolate incredibly moreish.

I can definitely see why this flavour has returned!

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