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Ellie Goulding will play the 2015 AFL Grand Final + her new single is called 'On My Mind'.

Ellie Goulding will return to Australia next month to perform as part of the half-time entertainment at Australia’s AFL Grand Final - alongside Bryan Adams and Chris Isaak - in Melbourne on October 3rd.

Goulding and Adams will also both play an encore show on the ground at the post-game party.

But aside from that, there is literally no other information to be found online currently, as sports people aren’t that great at being informative (when you need them to be).

Anyway, it’s also been announced that Ellie’s next single is called 'On My Mind' - as revealed at this year’s iHeartMedia Summit by Interscope CEO John Janek - and it’s being reported that it will be serviced to radio stations on September 22nd.

And Max Martin produced the new song!

So yes, all in all it is currently a very exciting time to be alive.

In the meantime, let's just watch the 'Powerful' music video on repeat...

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