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5 Seconds Of Summer release ‘She's Kinda Hot’ lyric video.

5 Seconds Of Summer release ‘She's Kinda Hot’ lyric video.

With a signature pop-punk attitude driven through this latest release from Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer, it is easily infectious enough for even your Mum to be singing along under her breath after only the second play through.

The newsletter sent out to all fans asks people to “...listen carefully with your ears and heart... [we] ask you to look deeper into the lyrics as well...”

Co-written with Benji and Joel of the Madden Brothers and John 'Feldy' Feldmann, this song is an anthem for “the leaders of the not coming backs”, “the kings and the queens of the new broken scene” and the people with “bigger plans that no-one else understands.” It’s a reassurance in an age where often things don’t go to plan, but, in the words of Ashton, Cal, Mikey and Luke, “we’re alright though.”

Check it out for yourself...

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