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Thomston now has a music video! It’s for 'Anaesthetic'.

Thomston now has a music video! It’s for 'Anaesthetic'.

Thomston has released an underwater music video - his very first ever, FYI - for 'Anaesthetic', which is lifted from his [very good] 'Argonaut' EP.

Six months later and that 2:57 key-change is still just as great as the first time I ever heard it!

About the video, Thomston says:

"i’m away at a little beach town for a break as i put this out. you don’t truly know the water until you’ve been in it with a bag over your head, and your hands bound.

and when you get really deep, it gets heavy all around. you feel it in your head, behind your eyes.
i can’t really imagine feeling that out of the water, but it happens. that’s what this is all about.

we made something equal parts beautiful and terrifying, i’m very proud to share it. Noisey were nice enough to premier it for us ~"

P.S. Click HERE to read our latest interview with Thomston.

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