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A photo diary from... Julia Jacklin.

A photo diary from... Julia Jacklin.

"I was put up in a hotel in Auckland that was super nice and I'm dreaming about it now being back in my old, cold apartment in locked-down Melbourne," reminisces Julia Jacklin of her recent sold-out tour of New Zealand, luckily having made it through our borders before the Trans-Tasman bubble closed.

Enthralling a rapturous crowd at the Auckland Town Hall's Concert Chamber, Jacklin's solo outing was our first show from an international artist since the New Zealand borders closed last year, and might be our only one this year - but thankfully, memories are forever, as evidenced by Jacklin's below photo diary for Coup De Main.

I remember when I first came to Christchurch, it was in 2015 and I was there to make my first album. Nadia Reid asked me last minute to open for her which was so exciting to me. I'd been working in an essential oil factory right before I came over and had listened to her first record so many times while working. I remember just being in this green room (the venue is called Blue Smoke) feeling incredibly nervous and undeserving. She was amazing and made me realise I needed to practise guitar a lot more than I had been. I've played here twice since then and I always love playing the same venue over the years. Being in the same space but feeling like a completely different person every time.

This photo was taken by my friend Miriam after the Auckland Town Hall show. I actually don't know her that well but I stayed with her Aunt in Bath, England when I was a very sad, heartbroken 21 year old and she completely changed my life and directed me onto a better path. I've felt so disconnected from all my friends and family who I haven't been able to see for nearly two years now and it was so nice to connect with someone who has a link to another part of my life. We just talked about how great her Aunt is and how much we miss people.

I can't help but completely destroy hotel rooms, not in like a rock'n'roll way that punishes other people but just in a way that punishes myself. Everything is immediately everywhere and I don't know how it happens. I never leave it in a state, I did multiple cleaning jobs pre-music (and I'm not an asshole) but I really spread my things around while I'm there. I desperately wish I was different in this area of my life.

I was put up in a hotel in Auckland that was super nice and I'm dreaming about it now being back in my old, cold apartment in locked-down Melbourne. Dreaming mostly of the steam room and spa and the heated rooftop pool.

Louisa Nicklin opened for me for 4 of the shows and it was such a pleasure to get to know her. She is a wonderful person and musician. I wanted to sing a song together at the last show so I invited her over to my hotel to practise. We ended up talking for most of the time and then went to the spa. We messed the song up the next night but it was fine. I enjoy the challenge/chaos of a last-minute, barely rehearsed, collaborative cover song at a show.

All I wanted to do before I went back into lockdown was drink a martini at a bar. It was an added gift to be able to have one with my old friend Marlon.

I love how so many cities have pointy towers that are tourist attractions and no one who lives there has ever stepped foot in. I'm into it. I've never actually gone inside one but I think post-covid I want to go on a date in a revolving restaurant which they all seem to have. I took this while trying to find a clothing alteration place to take up the hem of a skirt I wanted to wear on stage that night.

This was very late at night I think, but I watched the Olympic opening ceremony. This was your team. I cheered to myself for you. It was a pretty sad opening ceremony. 

This was the tour crew after the last show. Tom Lynch tour managing and doing sound and then me and Louisa. We wanted a photo with the Ricky Martin t-shirt in the background.

I played in the smaller room next to this one at Auckland Town Hall. That show was crazy. Whoever came to that show thank you for bringing that chaotic energy. The next night I went to the Flying Nun show and saw Aldous Harding in this room. It was the first time I'd been to a packed festival/show since covid started, I didn't know what to do with myself. I just got pretty drunk to try and deal with the feeling of hundreds of bodies in the same space. I had a good time but I felt pretty confused as to how I was supposed to act.

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