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Finn Wolfhard on the cover of inter/VIEW magazine, Autumn 2017.

'Stranger Things' and 'It' actor Finn Wolfhard covers the Autumn 2017 issue of Germany’s inter/VIEW magazine, in a mostly monochromatic cover-shoot that includes a white double-denim look.

Finn on his favourite donuts: "I am a Tim Hortons guy, but Timbits are much better than Munchkins, I will say that. I feel like doughnuts as itself, I think Dunkin Doughnuts wins just by a little bit, just because of their glazed doughnuts. I think Tim Hortons glazed doughnuts are gross because they are almost like bagels."

Finn on still being regular: "I do not think of myself as that or like anything that I do. I went to school today. And I go to private school too, so it is not glamourized or anything. It is just dark, catholic hallways. I did not expect it to be that huge. I knew the people were going to like the movie, but I did not think it would surpass. We were like; oh man, it might reach 70 million, that would be crazy."

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[ Source: inter/VIEW ]