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Finn Wolfhard x Paper magazine.

Finn Wolfhard features in a new editorial for Paper magazine, modelling pieces from Opening Ceremony, Rag and Bone, Acne, Calvin Klein, and more, as styled by Ella Cepeda, and photographed by R Burman.

On what he’s currently working on: "Recording songs with my band in Vancouver to one track for eventual production in Chicago in October/November. About to do two improv projects for film and TV in Miami and Toronto but also tons of press for IT, out September 8, and Stranger Things, out October 27. Also writing a pilot and a feature with my partner. And Science."

On what he finds frustrating about his career: "What's frustrating is how much social media drives creative choice. Actors should be able to just act, but instead they have to worry about posting and how many followers they have. I am glad that people follow me and like my posts, but I'm not hiring bot farms to boost the numbers and I'm not changing who I am or what I believe in or how I post because I'm doing this project now or that project next week."

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