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Review: M·A·C 'Dark Desires' + 'Fluidity' Collections.

Review: M·A·C 'Dark Desires' + 'Fluidity' Collections.

2015 shall forever be known as the that year M·A·C absolutely killed the game with their incredible collections, and to end things with a bang, we've been blessed with two more holiday releases to help you ring in the new year in the best way. The new 'Dark Desires' collection is everything a dark makeup lover could want - and more. With a handful of smokey-eye essentials, moody lipsticks and new limited edition products, it's basically my dream come true. Alongside 'Dark Desires' is the release of the more straightforward 'Fluidity' collection, which boasts products to help you perfect even the most complicated eyeliner looks. Coup De Main was lucky enough to receive some of these products, which we will no doubt be sporting well into the new year.

Check out our impressions below…



"Bathed in black, fuelled by desire, rich colours simmer in their darkest tones. As night falls, sinfully succulent lips, sultry stares and ebonized nails emerge from the evening's depths. Uncover the shameless indulgence of Into The Well Eye Shadow's pure matte pigments – a pressed powder eye shadow/eye liner that's as sensuous as velvet. An indentation in the middle of the pan can hold a drop or two of water, creating an inky shade lasting well into the morning hours. Bad never felt so good."


This eye shadow packaging is a lot smaller than your standard M.A.C pots, but this lil' limited edition product is more powerful than you'd expect. The product's name ('Into the Well') is very apt, as this formula is best used wet. There's a small indentation in the pan for you to add a drop of water (a well!) which produces a super pigmented result. It can also be used dry, but this pressed powder really packs a punch when used to its full potential. The colour itself is very dark, as the collection's theme would suggest, making 'Beg For It' the ultimate tool for a smoky eye. Check out this shadow in action with wet application on the left and dry application on the right:



Burgundy lipsticks will never not be in my list of favourite things, so it's a given that I'm already madly in love with this colour. Since 'Heavy Petting' has a Cremesheen finish, it's not as full-on as some of M.A.C's other burgundies, but it's a really nice change. The 'Dark Desires' collection is all about sultry shades, and this colour is the epitome of that. I'd say this is best paired with a slightly darker lipliner to really intensity the colour, but even on its own, this lipstick is gorgeous.


If I could sum this product up in one sentence, I'd say 'lip gloss for your eyes'. It's a tad on the sticky side, but it's great for building up colours and ensuring they stay put all day/night. The colour of this product itself is really pretty and sparkly, which is basically everything you could ever want for eye makeup. Check out this close up of the sparkles - aaah!:


(L-R):'Erogenous Zone', 'Beg For It', 'Heavy Petting', 'Indelibly Blue'.

"High-impact eyes are a stroke away. Our new Fluidline Pen combines your favourite pigmented liner with the versatility of a pen for vivid colour that glides across the lid like liquid ink. Like calligraphy for your eyes, the applicator's ultra-fine tip provides a high-intensity line that's smudge-resistant and dries quickly to a bold matte finish. Keep it on-trend in shades of deep blue and green, or classic and smoky in lush brown and rich noir."


This is the most easy-to-use liquid eyeliner you could ever dream of. The more pressure you apply, the more intense the outcome is, so you can really afford to play around with thin and thick lines with this pen. The colour payoff is really great, too, meaning you don't need to build up layers and layers of product to get a nice solid line. This is hands-down the best liquid eyeliner I've used to date. To illustrate just how easy to use this is, check out my random little scribbles below…

The 'Dark Desires' collection is are now available at authorised M.A.C locations throughout New Zealand. 'Fluidity' is available from December 26th, 2015. 

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