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Introducing: Miss World - 'Buy Me Dinner'.

Introducing: Miss World - 'Buy Me Dinner'.

"Coming of age into womanhood, awkward struggles, embarrassing dark thoughts - but, like, all projected through a very humorous, bratty, tongue-in-cheek and satirical lens," is how Miss World (also one half of feminist punk duo Shit Girlfriend) describes her new musical project and hilariously sarcastic first single, 'Buy Me Dinner' - on which she contemplates the validity of love as a currency.

To commemorate the release of her music video for 'Buy Me Dinner', Miss World kindly took the time to answer a couple of questions for us...

COUP DE MAIN: What's the deal with Miss World?
I have an EP called 'Waist Management' coming out in October. And this is the first track. The EP is about a paranoid 21st century girl trying to navigate her survival in the real world even though she's sucked into the Internet! It's an autobiography.

CDM: What was running through your mind while writing 'Buy Me Dinner’?
Well, first of all, the song is not all that serious. It's sarcastic, it's a little bit dark, but my intention is to be funny! I picked up on a trend I saw around me; people using dating apps as a way in to visit fancy restaurants. I thought, actually, the principle here is nothing new. It's classic. A mutually beneficial transaction. Do I do things I'm not proud of to avoid feeling lonely? Sometimes, of course I do. The video depicts my date as a blow-up doll. I'm not trying to say all men are fake, or 'fuck bois' or whatever. I'm trying to say that in a world where communication is largely carried out over a digital platform, when you meet someone in real life, they are usually not who you expect them to be. You may be completely incompatible, but would you stay for the free dinner? That's the question. It's 2017. Rent in the city is really expensive, dream jobs are hard to find, why not enjoy yourself when opportunity arises? Also, in my video, the dinner consists of junk food. This is a metaphor for the theme of the song; that although it might offer a moment of transitory pleasure, you'll probably go home full of regret! But I'm all for making mistakes and then writing songs about them.

CDM: What’s the best kinda dinner a guy could buy you?
A fillet-o-fish burger delivered in a Chinese takeaway box. Preferably on a bed of roses.

Watch the 'Buy Me Dinner' music video below...

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