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A Twenty One Pilots x 'Clancy' appreciation post + 'Clancy' lore explained.

A Twenty One Pilots x 'Clancy' appreciation post + 'Clancy' lore explained.

Twenty One Pilots are back and have just released their new album 'Clancy' today. The band's Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn will be wrapping their multi-album narrative that started back in 2015 with their record 'Blurryface'.

#1. This album marks the duo's seventh studio album - and marks the closing of a chapter. The album campaign started in true Twenty One Pilots fashion with teasers and easter eggs for fans - even including cryptic letters sent to fans. 

The album has 13 tracks in total:
1. Overcompensate 
2. Next Semester 
3. Midwest Indigo
4. Routines In The Night
5. Backslide 
6. Vignette
7. The Craving (Jenna's Version)
8. Lavish
9. Navigating 
10. Snap Back 
11. Oldies Station
12. At the Risk Of Feeling Dumb
13. Paladin Strait

#2. It concludes the storyline of the character Clancy and the fictional city of Dema that was introduced with their fifth album 'Trench' - but the entire storyline dates back to their 2015 album 'Blurryface'. The fictitious city of Dema is run by nine Bishops, who spread negativity and enforce the religion of Vialism throughout Dema. 

The geography of the city has even be mapped out by the band, so you can get immersed in their world. 

#3. To sum up the story, Clancy is the story's main character who lives within the walls of Dema. After he has been trapped inside the walls of Dema for the last 9 years, Clancy begins to question Vialism and the bishops, leading to him escaping the city. The head bishop Nico (also known as the character of Blurryface) finds him and makes Clancy return to Dema. This happens on multiple occasions, but on one escape, Clancy encounters the Banditos who are a rebel group that reside in the outskirts of Dema (which is called Trench). 

Different parts of the story have been the topic of multiple of the band's music videos and visuals throughout their eras.

For a full in-depth summary of the story, you can watch the full video narrated by Tyler below... 

#4. The singles from the album 'Overcompensate', 'Next Semester', and 'Backslide' - Tyler has shared that there will be a music video for every song on the album (so we've only seen a small part of what's to come!)

#5. The duo will be performing in Auckland, New Zealand On Sunday November 17th, and we're so excited and counting down the days!

Listen to Twenty One Pilots' new album 'Clancy' below....

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