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Watch: Hailee Steinfeld and Hudson Thames singing 'How I Want Ya' together.

Watch: Hailee Steinfeld and Hudson Thames singing 'How I Want Ya' together.

Hailee Steinfeld and Hudson Thames have shared an adorable 'lil clip of them improvising an a cappella rendition of their new single 'How I Want Ya' together - filmed during their music video shoot!

Bae x Bae!


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And finally, more facts about Hudson have finally surfaced:

"There’s a myth ‘round Los Angeles about the first dude “banned” from Uber in 2014.
He’d stay out all night at parties everywhere from houses in the hills to various recording studios and summon a car following the debauchery. As legend has it, just after sunrise, the driver would pull up to find him clad in nothing but his boxers or, one time, purple fishnet stockings. Not as sweet as Christopher Robin losing all his clothes in that one episode of Winnie The Pooh, but still endearing—just not endearing enough to raise his rating on the app. Suffice it to say, nobody picks up Hudson Thames anymore.
Luckily, Republic Records found out about this after they offered him a deal, and now they’re stuck with him. Oh yeah, they’re releasing his debut EP in 2015, and the song “Crazy Mad” details all of this fun.
His first single “How I Want Ya” is a collaboration with Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld, and it combines danceable production with a hypnotic harmony. He explains, “It’s a young guy’s way of saying, ‘Let’s cut to the chase.’ I love what Hailee did with it. We both run in some of the same crews, so I’m super pumped to have collaborated!”
Hailee luckily didn’t have to give him a ride to the studio as he’s been an avid skateboarder since growing up in Los Angeles. With a Mississippi-born, badass blues-playing Dad, he’s got both “Souths” covered in his sound.
“The Southern blues foundation is a big part of what I do, but I grew up an L.A. skate punk,” he says. “I try to bring those two things together. I like to think of my music as surf and soul.”
In between honing his own chops on the piano and performing all around L.A., he carved out a respectable acting career with a whopping 22 credits on his IMDb page. Now, music is his main focus as he unwillingly attempts to get banned from Lyft next…"

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