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Watch: Fall Out Boy feat. Demi Lovato - 'Irresistible' Doug The Pug video.

Doug The Pug stars in a music video for a new version of Fall Out Boy’s single, 'Irresistible', that features guest-vocals from Demi Lovato.

About the collaboration, FOB say:

"whenever i think of a journey i think in the terms of the original star wars trilogy- the middle is always the most exciting, the most strange, the least forgiving- the most dark yet the offers the most possibility of hope.

if i can process the last year- thats where we are- we are smack in the middle of leaving the hoth system in empire strikes back....

i think thats where we are... "irresistible" always felt like it could become something else, something exciting, strange, beyond. i think demi lovato has one of the most powerful voices today. so we worked through an afternoon and she just got it. excited for you guys to hear this new version of the song on friday."

Watch the new 'Irresistible' video below...