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Tove Lo - 'Timebomb' music video.

Tove Lo - 'Timebomb' music video.

Tove Lo has released a music video for 'Timebomb' - the latest single from her debut album, 'Queen Of The Clouds'.

About the video, Tove says: "IT'S HERE! I'm so excited and a little nervous to share this video with all of you! #‎TIMEBOMB the song tells the bittersweet story of losing that explosive passion you start out with, and how it's painful and beautiful all at once. #TIMEBOMB the video tells the story of loves that can't last because people around won't let them. And still they fight to stay together. That is also beautiful. And painful. In my heart I believe everyone should be able to love whoever they want. I wanted to shine some light on that in this video. Never take it for granted. I wanna thank Emil Nava and his whole amazing team, all my peeps and mostly the incredible couples who all dared to be so vulnerable on camera. When you watch this, I hope you feel it as much as I do. Xx Tove."

Watch the 'Timebomb' music video below...

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