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Must-listen: Tove Lo unveils new single, 'Cool Girl'.

Must-listen: Tove Lo unveils new single, 'Cool Girl'.

After spending much of 2016 featuring on some of the year’s best songs already, Tove Lo has finally released a brand new song of her own into the world in the form of ‘Cool Girl’, a song inspired by the novel and film ‘Gone Girl’ - and yup, it’s just as cool as you’d expect.

About the song, Tove says: “It’s okay to be pissed off or depressed. You’ll pick yourself back up. We shouldn’t be so scared of our emotions.” ‘Cool Girl’ is about our weird need to play the game of "whoever feels less, has the power" in relationships. You think you want someone who doesn't want you, or you want someone who isn't fazed by anything you do. Really we all just want full on, real love.”

Listen to ‘Cool Girl’ below…

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