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Must-watch: Florence + The Machine’s short film for ‘Queen Of Peace’ and ‘Long & Lost’.

Must-watch: Florence + The Machine’s short film for ‘Queen Of Peace’ and ‘Long & Lost’.

Florence + The Machine has just released an extended music video / short film for both ‘Queen Of Peace’ and ‘Long & Lost’, from her latest album ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’. It continues the video series that is seen in previous Flo videos from this era.

I love this so much - it might be my fave video released from this era!

The video was filmed in Scotland, and directed by her close collaborator Vincent Haycock, who said about the video: “We filmed ‘Queen of Peace’ and ‘Long & Lost’ in Scotland, one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to or filmed. The coast of Scotland is breathtaking, beautiful and harsh, an aesthetic mix that both Florence and I have been very interested in during the making of these videos. The Scottish people are amazing and especially the town of Easdale, the small island that we lived on and filmed. We shot in the winter and it was cold, brutal and endlessly inspiring, which I think really helped the story of Florence’s struggle with her family, the younger innocence vs. the feuding violence of the men around her, etc. The end of the video was done in a single take, at the very last seconds of light during a stormy barge ride on a freezing sea. The effort and focus on both the actors and crew was so amazing, Florence delivers one of my favourite moments to date and it’s one of my proudest technical and narrative accomplishments.”

Watch the short-film below…

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