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Fall Out Boy - 'Uma Thurman' music video.

Fall Out Boy - 'Uma Thurman' music video.

Fall Out Boy have released a music video for 'Uma Thurman' - the latest single from their 'American Beauty/American Psycho' album.

About the new video, the band have said:

"when people ask us what life is on the road or backstage- i always think of how they picture it in their head. that was the intent of the uma video to deliver fly on the wall look into our life backstage and at home only on steroids. not only did we want to show what it was like, we wanted to bring someone into our world so they could experience it too.

fall out boy has always been based on inclusion. if you dont fit in anywhere else you can fit in here.

Ps - we hope you can support the very special message at the end of the video."

Watch the 'Uma Thurman' music video below...

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