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Preview: The best of SXSW Sydney's Music Festival 2023.

Preview: The best of SXSW Sydney's Music Festival 2023.

More than 300 artists will gather in Australia next week as part of SXSW Sydney's Music Festival - including the likes of Flyana Boss, Sorry, Fcukers, XG, Fazerdaze, Hanbee, and Molly Payton.

Chance The Rapper is also scheduled for a keynote address - celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop.

The SXSW Sydney 2023 Music Festival will run from October 18 to 21.

And we're proud to co-present Laneway Festival's official SXSW Sydney party!

Here's a look at who we're looking forward to seeing perform live at SXSW Sydney:

Hailing from Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX - MCs and multi-instrumentalists Bobbi LaNea and Folayan met at a music college in Los Angeles, CA. They immediately hit it off and began collaborating, eventually naming their group, Flyana Boss, (rhymes with Diana Ross). Embodying the spirit of flyness and bossness, this fierce duo repping the vagina dynasty aim to entertain, make you laugh and always remind you that you are listening to the direct descendants of all the boss-ass bitches that came before them through generations of humanity, from Cleopatra to Harriet Tubman to Michelle Obama to Beyoncé!

A North London band with a mercurial style, Sorry was started by two best friends and first surfaced with a few mixtape-styled collections of home demos. They brought a wildly experimental sound influenced by everything from trip-hop, '90s alt-rock, and early trap to their 2020 debut album, 925. The group's Adrian Utley-produced follow-up, Anywhere But Here, was released in late 2022.

NYC’s Fcukers is a three-piece band consisting of Shanny Wise on vocals, Ben Scharf on drums and Jackson Walker Lewis on the bass and keys (as well as production). The band recently released their debut double single Mothers / Devils Cut, followed by dual remixes by 90’s house stalwart Junior Sanchez.

New Zealand singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Fazerdaze (real name: Amelia Murray) debut LP, 2017’s ‘Morningside,’ launched her onto the global stage with rave reviews from publications like Pitchfork and Mojo and tours to the other side of the world from her previous home base of Auckland. But the wheels were coming off behind the scenes. A combination of unhealthy personal relationships, feelings of unworthiness regarding her burgeoning success and general mental exhaustion soon began to manifest in her musical output; for years, Amelia found she couldn’t finish a single song. That is, until she relinquished resilience as a badge of honor and let herself crack open.

With a buttery smooth sound likened to that of Benee, Clairo and Kali Uchis, hanbee is a fast rising Korean indie pop singer from Auckland, New Zealand. Backed by an organic following, her album ‘Seashell Cassette’ served as quite the curtain raiser, garnering TikTok vitality and over 3M streams in just a few months. hanbee has toured with Fazerdaze, Telenova, Men I Trust and is currently gearing up for her debut album due September this year.

Molly Payton is a musical amalgamation of all she has experienced in her 21 years. Living between Auckland, where she was born, and London, where her artistry came to fruition, her mesmerising sound has caught the attention of audiophiles and artists alike, propelling a career that started as emotional catharsis. Following the success of her 2021 mini-album ‘Slack’, which included hypnotic hit ‘Honey’, Molly joined beabadoobee at her Australiasian shows, as well as supporting frequent collaborator Tom Odell and Arlo Parks on their respective UK tours. Showing no signs of slowing, Molly’s latest EP Compromise was released in late 2022, in time for a string of shows across Aotearoa over the summer. Molly is currently at work on her debut full-length album, set to release early 2024.

For more information about purchasing SXSW Sydney badges/wristbands, click here.

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