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Introducing: Moody Beach + new song 'Slave'.

Introducing: Moody Beach + new song 'Slave'.

Sydney songwriter Melissah Marie, aka Moody Beach, has today shared her new song, 'Slave' - lifted from her upcoming sophomore EP, 'Mirage', expected to be released in September - which she says is about "objectification, ownership, and agency".

Marie further explains: "It’s a tango of power and control shrouded in dark synth vibes. It’s 2019, an age full of contradictions. We’re living in the MeToo era at the same time that politicians are rolling back a woman’s right to choose. It’s exhausting but it’s also nothing new. In classical art, women’s bodies are often presented where the subjects aren’t aware they’re on display. In 'Slave', we play with those ideas but ultimately, I'm claiming my agency; a privilege so many other women-identifying and gender fluid people aren’t often afforded. With Slave, I want to challenge people to watch the video and confront their own ideas about sexual objectification, female agency and the idea of what is/is not obscene. #FreeTheNipple."

Watch the 'Slave' music video below...

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