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Listen: Bleachers’ new song, 'Everybody Lost Somebody'.

Listen: Bleachers’ new song, 'Everybody Lost Somebody'.

Ahead of the upcoming release of his sophomore album as Bleachers, Jack Antonoff’s project has dropped a new song in the form of ‘Everybody Lost Somebody’.

The song opens with a female voice proclaiming, “I gotta get myself back home soon,” and is an anthemic story of loss and being lost - with Antonoff showcasing the relatable sentiment off grief in his own unique way.

The bridge features a spoken-word part, in which Jack implores some advice: “There’s a reason I wake up alone in strange places / A reason I see myself in a million faces / A reason I can’t stop at all from changing / So come on mother fucker you’ve survived, you’ve got to give yourself a break”.

Listen to ‘Everybody Lost Somebody’ below…

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