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Must-listen: Haim’s official 'Right Now' audio + ‘Something To Tell You’ tracklisting.

Since dropping the live version of ‘Right Now’ a couple weeks back - we’ve been anticipating the official recorded version of the song, and it is now here, and everything we hoped it would be.

It has added production, and the drumming sounds just as good as it does on the live version. This version notably also features a spoken bridge - which sounds like: “Somehow it’s so clear now / What’s that sound? / That’s you fading / Away.”

The song is lifted from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Something To Tell You’, which is set for release on July 7th - and is available to pre-order now. The album contains 11 songs, as follows:

Want You Back
Nothing’s Wrong
Little Of Your Love
Ready For You
Something To Tell You
You Never Knew
Kept Me Crying
Found It In Silence
Walking Away
Right Now
Night So Long

Listen to ‘Right Now’ below…