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Get the look: Glassons x Billie Eilish.

Get the look: Glassons x Billie Eilish.

We’ve teamed up this month with Glassons to bring you a style-guide based on one of our favourite sixteen-year-olds, Billie Eilish.

From all-yellow, to hoop earrings - check out our suggestions below…

#1. Just in time for the Winter season ahead, Glassons have got in a new range of puffer jackets in a variety of colours, meaning you can be cosy and stylish at the very same time.

#2. Her ‘don’t smile at me’ EP saw a very bold yellow and red colour scheme, so anything in those two colours is a good choice.

Especially these red jogger pants:

Shop the joggers here.

#3. Eilish is renowned for wearing amazing hoop earrings (sometimes of differing sizes and styles), and with these hoop earring sets, you too can do the very same:

#4. Team up the earrings with a chain or two, and you’ve got yourself a certified Billie Eilish look.

Shop all the looks via Glassons online below, or in-store.

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