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Benee x Paper Magazine, March 2020.

Benee x Paper Magazine, March 2020.

Benee and golden retrievers might be the best content you've seen all week - and her new photoshoot with Paper Magazine delivers just that. In the fantastical editorial shoot, Benee is photographed by Charles Dennington in a number of colourful and quirky looks including Moncler Genius' collections with Simone Rocha and Richard Quinn - styled by Sarah Pritchard (who has also worked with Benee on her 'Supalonely' music video).

On being inspired by James Blake, she says: "I feel like James Blake is someone who has been an inspiration to me for a very long time. I do like the electronic elements, and kind of giving them to trap and like hip hop now, collaborating with big rappers and stuff. I feel like he's done a pretty good job of mixing genres."

About working on her music videos, she says: "With the 'Glitter' music video and the 'Soaked' one, which is an old one, I was super hands on. I made a Pinterest board, where I had this idea in my head of what I wanted it to be. For the 'Supalonely' video, I talked to the director, ROME, and I told him exactly what the song was about, gave him other contexts about it as well. He got to see what it was all about, but I have gotten more creative control."

Check out more from the shoot below (+ read the interview here)...

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