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Thomston shares new song 'Deal'.

Thomston shares new song 'Deal'.

Alongside the announcement of an upcoming double EP out next month, Thomston has also released a new song, 'Deal', which he says "was one of those songs that came together so quickly and naturally, and as simple as the chorus lyric is, there’s something undeniable about the boldness of asking someone 'what the deal is' in 2019, 'coz why be confrontational when there are a million other people you can talk to in an instant?"

Thomston adds: "As much as I hate to sound like a grandpa, online connectivity is really doing us dirty when it comes to being communicative. People are so accessible, that we’ve grown increasingly disposable. We’re messaged until we’re ghosted, and that can mess with your sense of self worth. 'Deal' is facing that disposability head on, demanding clarity about a relationship."

Listen to the new song below...

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