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Introducing: Alix Page + her new song '25'.

Introducing: Alix Page + her new song '25'.

"Said 'Baby we don't make sense' / If this is the end so be it," confesses Alix Page on her latest single, '25'. The 19-year-old Southern-California native has spent her whole life around music with the likes of Taylor Swift, The Killers, and New Order soundtracking her childhood, noting that, "I've been singing since I was tiny, and I really don't know why." Page, however, didn't entirely get into her own style of music until high school, "I really believe songwriting is the kind of thing you can’t force; for me it just took being a teenager and learning about myself and getting my heart broken for things to click. Everything fell into place after that."

On writing her new single '25', Page shares: "I started writing the first verse in the car on the way home from actually driving past an ex’s house on accident, and got the second verse a couple weeks after that. Because it’s not my typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus format, I was afraid to touch it for a while ‘cause I really didn’t wanna mess it up. After a couple months had gone by, I found out new information about the person it’s about and that kind of sent me down a spiral that ended up becoming the bridge and the last verse/outro. That part was literally just me rattling off everything I was thinking and feeling; it came together really easily."

Page hopes that listeners can feel that tonal shift at the second half of the song: "In my head it’s like, 'What happened happened, we can’t change that, and I’m okay with the way things went - no bad blood.' And then the bridge starts and it’s like, 'Hey wait a second - I AM mad.'"

Page also has many playlists dedicated to why we always want what we can't have, but are unable to pinpoint why humans are like this. About her song 'Frank' she says: "I think in some ways social media has trained us to think that there are always other options out there, and that leaves a lot of people feeling unsatisfied, wondering if there’s someone they could be happier with out there. I don’t think human beings were ever supposed to see this much of so many people’s lives every day; it can’t be good for us. 'Frank' is weird, because the first time that lyric comes up, it’s after I say, 'I almost hear you saying: Babe I want it back,’ as if the other person is saying it to me. I kept having dreams that the person it’s about would call me in a mess, asking to try again. I kept going back and forth on if I really wanted the relationship back or if I just wanted the other person to regret ending it. I also think hindsight is 20/20 and a lot of times you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I really don’t know. It does suck though. I have MANY playlists about this, hit me up for the link."

On the people inspiring her musically right now, she lists: "Holly Humberstone, Kevin Abstract, Lucy Dacus, BANKS, Ari Rivera, Del Water Gap, Hovvdy, Mitski."

'25' is also Page's very first official video: "I truly couldn’t have asked for a better first music video experience. I just knew I wanted there to be a lot of movement, because of how much momentum the song has the whole time, and I knew I wanted there to be one storyline happening linearly throughout with flashes to other separate moments. Tanner brought up using one long drive to get to somebody as that linear thing, and that was the aha moment we needed to get the ball rolling for every other idea. He referenced Donnie Darko’s introductory scene where Donnie wakes up at this amazing lookout and then bikes down a really beautiful winding road, and that kind of inspired the running part of the video as well as the trip to Lake Arrowhead we ended up taking. I had just watched the movie 'Beginners' and fell in love with it. The storytelling in that one was key for us in terms of figuring out the different moments we were gonna cut to and when. Most of those flashback memories were taken from Tanner’s or my personal experiences in relationships and whatnot, so that was really special."

On actually filming the video: "Filming it was so much fun. I’d been wanting to work with Tanner for a while and I feel so lucky to have finally gotten the chance and to have him in my life as a friend now too. He took everything I said I wanted and improved it by 1000%. I went to high school with Tyler, but our paths never really crossed so I always just knew him as the really talented actor kid that had been in shows and student films with my friends. The whole thing was very run and gun in the best way; just these 3 kids having a blast, running on very little sleep and my poor manager trying to keep us on track."

And when asked if there's anything she wants to manifest for her future, Page came back with a list of things in all shapes and sizes: 

- Working with Matty Healy.
He’s just such a legend and I will forever be obsessed with his style. I feel like he’s not afraid to try out different sounds and styles to fit what each project needs, especially in his collaborations. 'Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America' sounds completely different from 'Please Don’t Leave Just Yet' and they’re both perfect for what they were trying to achieve. Plus, visiting the UK would be a dream.

- Finding the best bagel place in LA.
This might be a hot take but the best spot in my hometown is called Shirley’s, and I’ve yet to find one in LA that compares.

- Bleaching my eyebrows or dyeing my hair.
I’ve never done anything crazy to my appearance and I feel like I should at some point just to say I have. I dunno, I think it’d be fun. (Mom if you see this I’m kidding).

- Playing more shows.
I haven’t traveled in a really long time so of course I’m itching to hop on a tour as an opener, but playing around LA would be just as fun. I’ve been to three shows in the last week and every one has left me feeling so inspired and excited to try out new songs.

Check out the enchanting video for Page's song '25' below...


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