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Phone a Friend: Advice from Troye Sivan.

Phone a Friend: Advice from Troye Sivan.

Having just released his new EP 'In A Dream' this past Friday, Troye Sivan has been contemplating the meaning of his dreams recently, telling us in our new interview, "I also think that they're really telling, you know what I mean? You think that you're over a situation, or you think that you have moved on, or that you're fine, or that you're whatever... and then, your brain at night when it can just run free, is like, 'Actually, nope, you're still sad.'"

This contemplation extends to other introspective ideas, with Sivan sharing on Instagram recently: "To whoever needs to hear this — there’s a fire in you that you’ve had your whole life. It might dim to a pilot light when you’re comfortable, and you might forget it’s there, but make no mistake - when ur most lost and it feels like ur whole world has been turned upside down, watch that spirit show up and surprise you with your resilience and strength and guidance. I wrote a song to my ‘pilot light’ lol and it’s called ‘Rager teenager!’"

Now without further ado, take heed of some thoughtful pieces of life advice from Sivan below...


1. The first thing I would say is: Watch 'The Jinx'. It's a docu-series that is one of my favourite pieces of TV ever. Don't google it before you watch it. It's true crime, so don't watch it if you're scared of that.

2. The next piece of advice is always to take your time to respond to messages - especially conflict. Take a breath, maybe sleep the night, I know that it's tough, but I really, highly recommend doing that.

3. Go for walks. I love walking so much. I think it's my favourite social activity. I do it with a friend always and it makes my day.

4. Find something that you enjoy doing that you can do by yourself - creative pursuits that keep your mind entertained and happy, and keep you stimulated, and to be able to get out of bed in the morning. Do those if you can, or if you have the time - or you can make the time by maybe spending less time on your laptop or your phone. I like to have one of those things on the go constantly for myself, like a little side project or side hustle, like learning about something or teaching yourself something new.

5. Read more, if you can. I highly recommend getting a Kindle. It helped me a lot.

6. And spend less time on your phone.

Troye Sivan's 'In A Dream' EP is out now - stream it in full below:

Want more? Further advice awaits you here.

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