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Must-listen: Maude Latour's new song 'Furniture'.

Must-listen: Maude Latour's new song 'Furniture'.

Maude Latour has just released a brand new song, 'Furniture', which she's been teasing on social media in recent times to fans - sharing a stripped-back rendition of the song's opening. In 'Furniture' (a song which she has called the love of her life), Latour sings about a post break-up experience with ferocity - from blocking their number, to running into them at a party, to the relatable hope of a relationship being like a movie.

About 'Furniture', Latour shares: "furniture is my way of screaming my soul to the world. it’s perfect melting color into an electric guitar, stereo up all the way, dancing forever, screaming into the microphone. it’s absolute freedom to me. i wrote it out of the most painful few weeks of my young adult life, learning to navigate heartbreak and finding my soul again. i blasted this song every time i felt crushed, somehow it gave me purpose— i knew that despite what happened to me i would always have music. i would always have this way to tell my story. to surge my molecules and make my bloodstream scream— i’m alive! i’m in pain! and i’m gonna let it pour out of me in technicolor until i melt through the cracks in the floorboards of my apartment."

Listen to 'Furniture' below...

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