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Interview: Julia Jacklin x Animal Spirit Tarot reading.

Interview: Julia Jacklin x Animal Spirit Tarot reading.

Whilst in New Zealand to play Laneway Festival 2017 earlier this year, we conducted a Animal Spirit Tarot reading with Julia Jacklin - so we could both learn more about her personality.  Check out the results below…

Past Self - The Whale - Water Element
Having overcome challenges in their lives, whale personalities are at a stage of strong emotional health and stability - and this is linked to compassion, communication, and emotional expression.

JULIA JACKLIN: That’s a big compliment to my past self. I think if I was going to try and find a connection I would say that it kind of feels like that could’ve used to be me before I grew up, and learnt a lot of things. When you’re slightly naive of how the world works… I was a little more fearless when I was younger, and more unaware of how the things that you say to people are going to affect them in the long run. You can’t just open up Pandora’s Boxes all the time. It can be a good thing, maybe if you’re not emotionally mature enough to understand stuff. When I was younger I tried to talk to my parents about very heavy things, very early on - which I thought was very mature, but I don’t think I was very mature yet, to actually understand the information I was given. My parents are divorced, so trying to understand divorce at a young age - and trying to talk to your mum when you’re 12 about her relationships and give her advice. I think there’s a beautiful element to that though.

Present Self - Fire Ant - Fire Element
Fire Ant energy may attract us to surround ourselves by those who bring out the imbalances in our personality, which can be worsened by stewing on situations or people.

JULIA: I think that’s actually quite interesting. Right now, my life in the last year has changed dramatically - the point where I’ve been suddenly thrown into this world that I was quite unaware of, and also into relationships into my friends that change from being friends who’ve played in fun bands together, to being essentially business partners, and colleagues, and me paying them. It’s been a very big learning experience to try and figure out how to maintain those relationships, and not ruin them. There’s definitely been some arguments, especially just ‘cuz you’re in a tour van all the time. It’s hard in bands, ‘cuz you usually start bands with friends, and you’re like “Yeah, this is so exciting!” and then you start to get traction, and suddenly it’s contracts, and money, and, ‘You’re going to have to be away from your girlfriend for three months on tour.’ On tour, I need to be able to go away by myself during the day. If I don’t have enough alone time, I end up feeling too emotionally unstable. You’re so tired all the time, and things happen that you don’t expect - we had to wake up at 4am yesterday - and we thought we’d get into Auckland at 2pm and have a cruisey afternoon, but then we were stuck on a tarmac in a military base until like 7pm. So everyone’s a bit cranky, you’ve gotta figure out how to manage yourself emotionally.

Future Self - Rabbit - Earth Element
Rabbit energy is driven by fear - fear of the future, often driven even further through self-sabotage.

JULIA: I think that is not great, because I feel like I have become a little bit worried about this year - it’s quite big - there’s a lot that’s going to happen. My band’s going to change up a little bit because people are going off to do their own things. I’m moving to Europe - Barcelona - I’m doing all the Summer festivals so I thought I should base myself there. I’ve also got this quite bad fear of flying that I never used to have, and I’m always on planes - so therefore I spend every second day of my life thinking about my own mortality, on a plane. Which can’t be healthy. I think it manifests itself, the more you think about it, the more I’m drawn to read about airplane disasters on the news, I’m bringing that fear into myself. If I’m sitting on a plane - even yesterday when they were like ‘We’re landing at a military base,’ I was like ‘Is there something they’re not telling us?!’ With this kind of job, you can really manifest your own fears and anxieties - before going on stage… Sometimes I get in the habit of psyching myself out in one song in the set. It’s one of my oldest songs, I’ve played it a million times, but if I get nervous or start overthinking it, I can’t play it in time with the drums. I know I can do it but you’re your own worst enemy. With ‘Pool Party’, I’ve sung it a million times, and on-stage at Brisbane Laneway, I was so hot, and overwhelmed - and with their staging, while you’re playing, the other band is sound checking right next to you. It’s so distracting, ‘cuz they’re playing in a different key to you. I could not remember the first lyric of ‘Pool Party’, and so I was coming into it, and it wasn’t there. I went into another round of the intro and the band’s looking at me like, ‘You’re supposed to come in there!’ I look at Harry, my bass-player and ask, ‘What are the first words to the song?’ and he goes, ‘I don’t know!’ <laughs> You can really screw yourself over.

I went to Laneway when I was a kid - when I was 18 - when I was looking at the artists on the stage, I was thinking, these people are different to me, they’re flawless human beings who’ve rehearsed their set to a tee that they’d never muck up. And now that I’m on the same stage, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s not true at all!’ I totally make mistakes.

[Animal Spirit Deck Images courtesy of The Wild Unknown]


Julia Jacklin’s album ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’ is out now - click here to purchase. Julia Jacklin also plays Auckland’s Tuning Fork on May 27 - click here to purchase tickets.

Watch the ‘Coming Of Age’ music video below…

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