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Jack Antonoff on his three favourite Rachel Antonoff pieces.

Jack Antonoff on his three favourite Rachel Antonoff pieces.

To celebrate the Christmas season, we spoke to Jack Antonoff about his sister Rachel Antonoff’s clothing label - and he kindly took the time to recommend us his top three favourite items.

Check them out below (and treat yo' self to a pre-Christmas treat)...

#1. “My favourite thing is the velour jumpsuit. I wear that all the time, it’s my favourite thing.”


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Click through to purchase the velour jumpsuit, available in both pink and green!

#2. “My second favourite thing is the Hysterical Female Sweatshirt, which I also wear around the house.”

Click here to purchase the Hysterical Female sweatshirt.

#3. “My third favourite thing is, she has a little gold credit case which says, ‘After Christmas The Fucking Will Be Over’, which I love. I like extra stuff like money clips and credit card cases. Any weird version of a wallet. <laughs>”

Click here to purchase the credit card case.

Jack Antonoff will perform in New Zealand as Bleachers next February 13th at Spark Arena, in support of Paramore - click here to purchase tickets.

Watch the 'Don't Take The Money' music video below...

P.S. Keep an eye out for our full interview with Jack Antonoff, out soon!

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