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Listen: COIN's new song 'Sagittarius Superstar' feat. Faye Webster.

Listen: COIN's new song 'Sagittarius Superstar' feat. Faye Webster.

Marking the second instalment of COIN's three-part mood-based EP series, 'Rainbow Mixtape', the band have today shared new song, 'Sagittarius Superstar' - the first offering to be released from the trio's upcoming 'Green-Blue' EP out later this month.

About their new song, the band says: "We've written a lot of songs in the past year. This year has made us want to explore every corner of ourselves. We made the idea 'Rainbow Mixtape' as an outlet to express every different outcome of our collective brains - all the colours we make together. On the energy of self-discovery and experimentation, we made a whole batch of songs centred around our love for 60s & 70s rock. The first song from this 'era' is 'Sagittarius Superstar' featuring our friend Faye Webster. It's a simple song about love and delusion. Have a listen & share it with someone you love <3"

Listen to 'Sagittarius Superstar' below...

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