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Phone a Friend: Advice from Claud.

Phone a Friend: Advice from Claud.

Currently keeping busy working on new music, which may or may not include finishing what they describe as "a super special super exciting top secret project :)" for this year, we're excited to launch our new advice column today with some wisdom from Claud.

Having released their 'Sideline Star' EP last year (which we discussed here), and ending 2019 by supporting Bleachers on tour, Claud says about the experience: "It was really cool, I’ve been a big fan of Jack Antonoff since I was like 12. My favourite memory was when we met for the first time, and he told me he was a fan of mine. That just felt so surreal because I've admired his work for as long as I've been making music. Also, Bleachers is SO GOOD live it’s unbelievable."

Self-described as making "the type of music that goes well with any late night snack," all that's left for you to do now is playlist yourself some Claud and then nibble on the below food for thought.


1. Take accountability for your actions! Did you make a mistake? A bad decision? We all have. Open your mind and heart, swallow your pride, and learn how to do better next time.

2. Three five seven - breathe in for three seconds, hold for five, breathe out for seven.

3. Stop asking LGBTQ+ artists about their experience being a LGBTQ+ artist. Ask us about being an artist - maybe we’ll bring our sexuality or gender into it, or maybe we won’t. Not everyone's art is informed or inspired by their identity. The music biz marginalises us enough for that, we don’t need it to always be the topic of discussion.

4. Now that we’re on the topic, stop asking non-LGBTQ+ people to perform at Pride events.

5. Be generous with your Netflix password.

6. Coconut water cures hangovers.

7. Just because someone is nice to you doesn’t mean they aren’t harming other people.

8. Wear a mask. You’ll probs get a weird tan line, but it’s worth it, I promise.

9. Allow people to watch you grow and change! Try not to hide or delete past parts of yourself, it’s important for yourself and others to see your growth (but TBH, good luck finding a pic of me with long hair lol).

10. Dogs are a Claud’s best friend.

11. Don’t stop protesting until the US criminal justice system as we know it is abolished.

Follow Claud on Instagram here and watch a video for new song 'Rollerblades' below:

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