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Review: M·A·C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick + 'Eyes On M·A·C' collection.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick + 'Eyes On M·A·C' collection.

There’s two new collections to be excited about from M·A·C Cosmetics!

“Creating your own bespoke eyes has never been easier. These well-edited Eyes x 9 and Eyes x 15 palettes feature a wave of colour-coordinated hues offering countless combinations. In colour schemes from Navy and Burgundy to Amber and Purple, and a brand new palette of soft pastel hues, each offers textures from matte to statin to frost for creating looks for both day and night.”

“Long-wearing, vibrant and impactful, Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick glides onto eyes, delivering high-definition colour and medium-to-full coverage in a single swipe. The sleek jumbo pencil is absolutely effortless, providing ultimate versatility, whether you’re going for a thick, chunky statement liner, or all-over colour from lash to lid.”

We had a play around with both of M·A·C’s new collection pieces - check out our thoughts below…


If you’re looking for a super versatile eye shadow palette, then look no further than the ‘Pastel Times Nine’ palette. The nine colours are all of varying shades - they’re kind of broken up into sets of three - the first being bluey/greens, the second being pinky/purples, and the final being shimmery nudes.

The colourings in this palette are endless, as colours can be combined together to give a textured style on the eyelid.

I’ve always had a bit of a struggle with eyeshadows, as often the pigmentation will never stay on my skin - and in the case of the pastel colours in this palette, this is also true. But the colours are better suited to a more subtle look.


We got two of these bad boys to try out - and when they say waterproof, they really mean waterproof. The first colour we used was the 'Sand Bar' shade, a very strong medium brown with a slight red shade to it. The consistency is almost that of a pastel, meaning that the colour sets very quickly so it’s difficult to use with other products - however it creates a super distinct colouring that you almost don’t need to.

The ‘Frisky Blue’ shade is not one for the faint hearted when it comes to make-up. There’s no denying it’s bold - I almost expect Matty Healy to don the shade at the next The 1975 show.

Unfortunately the pastel texture makes it somewhat difficult to apply if you don’t have the most steady hand - I tend to be the type of person to apply make-up very slowly, but with these sticks you don’t have a lot of leeway.

Another word of advice - make sure you have a good make-up remover to assist when you need to take these colour sticks off, as they can be very stubborn, so they’re perfect if you’re needing application to last a long time.

Both the ‘Eyes On M·A·C’ and Colour Stick collections are now available at authorised M·A·C locations throughout New Zealand.

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