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Review: M·A·C Cosmetics - 'Vamplify' collection.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics - 'Vamplify' collection.

"Be seduced by our most dramatic lipgloss yet, M·A·C Vamplify. Infused with a new colour-boosting technology, the formula is loaded with high-powered pigments in 17 shades, including three online-exclusives. One swipe loads lips with attitude, as a combination of lush natural oils polish with moisturizing colour. The glossy colour wears comfortably for hours, for a look that comes on strong and doesn’t let go. Also, dare you to resist the near-everlasting power of Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, now in 12 new shades."

I've always had a love/hate relationship with lipgloss. Sometimes I want to to rock high-shine lips, but then lipgloss comes along to harshly reminds me that if I want this look, I'm going to have to deal with sticky, tacky lips for the entire day. As if that's not painful enough, the colour payoff is never as good as promised - and it's hard to look past the drama that unfolds when your hair gets stuck to your lips on a windy day. I'm not the only one with this struggle, so I know for a fact that M·A·C Cosmetics' new 'Vamplify' collection will finally answer some prayers. Why, you ask? Because this collection of lipglosses not at all sticky, and they're super-duper pigmented. Basically, they're a non-lipgloss-like lipgloss. Make sense? Without further ado, I present to you a brief run-down on the two Vamplify lipglosses I got my hands on (thanks, M.A.C!)…


Red-orange shades will never not be cool, and while they've found a lot of success in the matte section lately, this lipgloss is definitely worth a try. With Summer right around the corner, I feel like I'll be sporting 'Push Some Buttons' quite frequently - it's such a fresh, fun colour! I felt like I've had an eternal struggle trying to perfect a shiny red lip, and since I'm lazy, I never really want to apply both lipstick AND lipgloss in one sitting. Luckily, this shade brings both those two elements together into a super pretty, super shiny, non-sticky(!) lovechild. 


Admittedly, I wasn't sure this colour would be as pigmented as M.A.C claimed, but as always, they delivered. The colour is packed with a subtle shimmer and has a purple-pink hue in some lights, meaning it's not too loud or extravagant to wear on a regular day basis. The longevity on this lipgloss is impressive, too. At a rough guess, I think I went about 4-6 hours before I noticed it budging, which is really uncommon for lipgloss.

Pro-tip: I cannot stress enough the importance of using a lipliner before applying Vamplify lipglosses. It helps you get a sharper outline and boosts the pigmentation even more. M.A.C have also released a range of accompanying Pro Longwear Lip Pencils to help you out here. 

The 'Vamplify' collection is available from all authorised NZ M·A·C stores now.

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