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Review: M·A·C Cosmetics - April round-up.

Review: M·A·C Cosmetics - April round-up.

April has been an amazing month for M·A·C Cosmetics releases. From the funky futuristic vibes of Future M·A·C, to the retro Hollywood-inspired Charlotte Olympia collection, right through to the longest-lasting lip stains you'll ever find, it seems that there's a little something for everyone at M·A·C lately. Check out our impressions of some of April's finest M·A·C products…


'Beauty moves at the speed of life. Let your future flourish as we charge ahead into the next generation of hyper-luminous Mineralize products. Explore a new horizon of colour with Lipsticks inspired by the five elements. Mineralize Glass glimmers as tomorrow's go-to lip. Ice-lit blues and cosmic greens look serene in eye shadow quads, or advance minimal neutral eyes with smoky possibilities. Try a musing of blush or reinvent the rules of highlighting with the atomic sheen of Eye Gloss or Lustre Drops for a supreme glow. M.A.C invites you to push the future forward.'

This Mineralize collection has some really rad space-inspired vibes, with lots of sparkles and metallic shades - and it's the perfect sort of collection to transition into winter with if you enjoy feeling like a futuristic space princess/prince.

'Ionized' - Mineralize Lipstick RRP $58 NZD
This lipstick is quite possibly one of my new favourite things. It's a cool blue-grey shade that works perfectly on its own, or layered with other colours. Grey isn't really a go-to lipstick colour for most people, but this one is 100% worth trying. Plus, since the Halsey lipstick won't be available in NZ, this is a pretty sweet alternative!

'Full Orbit' - Mineralize Eyeshadow Quad RRP $90 NZD
Its impossible to go wrong with these eyeshadow shades. This palette so versatile - it combines off-white with olive, grey and brown, meaning there's  perfect colour for every type of skin tone. The shimmer in this quad (like all M.A.C Mineralise products) is gorgeous beyond belief, so you can totally live out all your space magic dreams.

'The Zone' - Mineralize LipGlass RRP $58 NZD
Brown lip colours seem to be a very 'it' colour right now, so it's only natural that this collection would have a sparkly rendition this trend. While M.A.C describe this colour as a pearly dirty mauve, it appears more like a soft brown with gold shimmer. Either way, it's a beautiful lip gloss to rock on its own for a natural look, or paired with an earth toned lipstick for a more dramatic feel.

'Pink Rebel' Lustre Drops $46 NZD
Lustre Drops are essentially a highlight in liquid form, which is another very popular beauty trend right now. The formula in these drops is a smooth, sheen cream that blends with ease, giving a super sparkly, highlighted finish.


'Inspired by pinups, silver screen sirens and the bygone era of Hollywood glamour, the British luxury shoe and accessory brand is known for a vintage aesthetic that embodies elegance and femininity with a hefty dollop of charm. Now, the unapologetically nostalgic allure of Charlotte Olympia is captured in a M·A·C collection of retro-glam colour, all packaged in Charlotte's signature gold spider's web and clear lucite.'

The first thing anyone would notice about Charlotte Olympia's M.A.C collar is how stunning the packaging is. It's expected though, seeing as her fashion designs are nothing short of fabulous (just ask Alexa Chung). This collection is all about the classic glam look - and is a solid 10/10 in every way possible.

'Starlett Scarlet' Lipstick - $44 NZD
This is a true red matte lipstick which should be a core in every make up collection. The finish isn't as drying as some matte lipsticks, making it very wearable and very loveable. Plus, this shade of red complements every type of skin tone, so you know it's pretty much perfect.

'Retro Rouge' Lipstick - $44 NZD
This collection features three red lipsticks, and this deep brown/red matte is probably the standout. It's so dramatic and bold, while still being super flattering and wearable in an everyday context - and who can look past that packaging?!

'Sepia' Cream Colour Base $48 NZD
If you like your eyeshadow to stay on all day, it's best to invest in a base. And if you like your eyeshadow to look dramatic all day, it's best to make that investment a M.A.C Cream Colour Base. 'Sepia' is the perfect example of a cream shadow that'll look perfect on its own or as a proper base. The blending factor on this is INSANE, and it's the loveliest chocolate brown shade.

'Golden Age' Cream Colour Base $48 NZD
Like the slightly more eccentric sister of 'Sepia', 'Golden Age' is a little more intense. It's a super shimmery golden colour that looks beautiful in all types of lighting. An added bonus is the fact that it's got a soft matte finish that works so well when blending with other eyeshadows. Like the entire Charlotte Olympia collection, this product is faultless.


'The ultimate fusion of gloss + stain in one fluid formula that melts onto lips for a full-on glassy shine that lasts and lasts and lasts. Its balmy emollients and fresh gelled waters provide a lightweight texture that stays bright, lustrous and flexible. Like an energy shot for your lips, hues from deep wine and perfectly nude pink, to popping corals and fiery orange-red, live long into the day (and night). Welcome to your new obsession.'

These lip products (all RRP $58 NZD) are the best of both worlds - they start off as a super shiny lip gloss, then evolve over time into a highly pigmented lip stain. Like seriously, it's a mission to get these off your lips. That's not a bad thing though, since Versicolour stains are so pretty, you won't want to take them off.

'Resilient Rouge'
This is the quintessential red of the collection, which looks super pretty with a high-shine finish, and leaves a really bright stain after hours of wear.

'Preserving Passion'
This colour is a more dramatic berry shade that is perfect for autumn. It's a very vampy colour and is probably one of the collection's standout shades.

'Ceaseless Energy'
Candy pink and bright beyond measure, this shade is akin to something Barbie would rock. While it's a little harder to apply due to the candy-coloured nature of it, the stain it leaves on lips is the most beautiful, natural-but-better shade of pink.

These products are available at authorised M.A.C locations.

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