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We heart: 'The Impossible Project' Instant Lab. Turn your phone into a Polaroid camera!

If it wasn't for the fact that I already own five Polaroid cameras - three, of which I use for most Coup De Main interviews - then I would be ordering this 'Instant Lab Photo Printer' from The Impossible Project in a heartbeat.


The worst thing about my lack of photography skills, is that sometimes if I'm interviewing someone I particularly admire, then my hands get shaky [from nervousness] and my viewfinder aim goes completely out the window. I think it would be handy to be able to view your photo on your phone, before printing it using this device.

"Transform digital images into analog instant photos with this awesomely innovative device by the experts at Impossible Project. Super easy-to-use -- just download the accompanying iPhone app and you're in business."

The 'Instant Lab Photo Printer By Impossible Project' is US$299 from Urban Outfitters - with free shipping to New Zealand - and I definitely think it's worth it if you've been considering buying a real Polaroid camera. From a vague distant memory, this is only a little bit more than what my Fuji Instax 210 cost.

Click here to pre-order.