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Review: Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker.

Review: Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker.

Sony have just launched a brand new speaker in the form of the Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker - and we at Coup De Main are very excited about it for a number of reasons.

Without further ado, here five things that we're loving about our new speaker:

#1. It comes in a variety of funky colours - the one we got to play around with is bright red, but the other available colours include lime green and blue.

#2. As well as looking super slick, it's incredibly practical - you just connect your phone to the Bluetooth network and can then play music through your phone. So. Easy.

#3. It's got a really strong battery life too, so it's perfect if you're going on a road trip and need a durable speaker to bring on the road with you.

#4. The sound quality is rad! As the name of the product suggests, it's all about the bass. With an 'extra bass' button, you can choose to blast the bass, or have it at a normal level. Nonetheless, it's a versatile feature of the speaker.

#5. It's water resistant! I realise as we head into Winter, the prospect of poolside listening is depleting - but, it's so handy!

The new Sony SRS-XB3 wireless speaker is available now - click HERE for more information.

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