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Must-watch: sneak peek at Pokémon Go gameplay.

Must-watch: sneak peek at Pokémon Go gameplay.

The new Pokémon Go game for Android and iOS devices is set to be released any moment now. However, people are leaking information about the game's details left and right on Reddit and on YouTube. Here's some of what's been released so far:

-All 151 original Pokémon are included and separated into three classes: normal, legendary and mythic.
-There are 232 moves, 95 of which are 'quick moves'. These moves aren't in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.
-All Pokémon types are included, even Fairy, Dark and Steel.
-There have been 7 'natures' discovered: stoic, guardian, assassin, raider, protector, sentry, and champion.
-Evolution works by collecting 'evolution shards' from wild Pokémon to get 'evolution stones' (may or may not be unique for each Pokémon).

That's just to name a can read the complete list HERE.

The video (which isn't in the best quality) is a first look of the gameplay; you can watch the player catch an Ivysaur and view the stats of the caught Pokémon afterwards. The video was taken at the SXSW Gaming Panel.

Watch the video below...

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