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Listen: Tom Verberne shares new EP 'Life Like'.

Listen: Tom Verberne shares new EP 'Life Like'.

Tom Verberne has shared his new EP, 'Life Like', which includes the previously released songs: 'It Shows Heaps', 'You Last Night', and 'Tangled'.

The six-song release sees Verberne's mixture of punk influence and love of electronica combined, with the guitar ballad 'Ain't Life Like That' leading into 'Life Like', the electronic Part II to the song.

About the EP's closing song 'You Make Me Hate Myself', Verberne shares: "'You Make Me Hate Myself' is the most emo and punk influenced I have made. It started off as a slow acoustic song but I was listening to too much punk at the time so decided to speed it up and add some punk drums. I wanted to keep a bit of electronic influence in the synth work as well. It’s probably the most fun song I have to play live!"

Listen to the EP in full below...

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