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Maisie Peters - 'The Good Witch' songs as zodiac signs.

Maisie Peters - 'The Good Witch' songs as zodiac signs.

Maisie Peters' second studio album 'The Good Witch' has just been released! Maisie shares: “This is my heart and soul, my blood on the page, the collection of stories that I’ve managed to capture in the past year. A true chronicle of my life in recent history, it is my own twisted version of a breakup album and it all draws upon the same couple of months’ worth of experiences and inspirations. It ducks and weaves between the real and surreal, and centres my own universe, of which I am of course the keeper of the keys and the holder of the cards - the good witch, if you will. It goes from light to dark in the flip of a switch and I hope takes you on a journey whereby the end you feel like you’ve gotten lost in someone else’s planet for a bit.”

Inspired by the theme of 'The Good Witch', we have assigned each zodiac sign a song from the album. 

ARIES - 'You're Just a Boy (And I'm Kinda The Man)

Aries are fiery and competitive which is exactly the vibe Maisie gives in this song. She wrote: "this song is one i absolutely could not have written as a teenager – there’s too much self respect in it quite frankly lol. it feels determined and empowered and like a foot down moment, a you really disappointed me and im really cut up about it but you know what i have a world tour to get on with and i refuse to mope."

TAURUS - 'Want You Back'

Tauruses are reliable and loyal (almost to a fault) and Maisie has said 'Want You Back' is "about a time in my life when i would have given anything to have back what i’d lost, even though i knew it wasn’t right, wasn’t possible, didn’t exist any longer. it’s about that little voice in ur head that says as much as you know better, if they called, you’d pick up immediately."


Maisie truly let her inner Gemini shine with 'BSC'. This song is all about "being in ur most unhinged, most irrational, most deranged mental state," and no offence to all the Geminis out there, but this one is for you.

CANCER - 'Two Weeks Ago'

Cancers are without a doubt the most emotional zodiac sign (love that for you guys), so this was a no-brainer.

Maisie shared: "I wrote it post-heartbreak when I just kept wishing it was two weeks ago. It’s about the drive to the airport when you can’t stop crying, and wishing you’d told someone how you felt when you felt it."

LEO - 'The Good Witch'

Leos are confident and love to be the centre of attention - so of course we matched this sign to the opener and title-track of this album. 

VIRGO -  'The Band and I'

Similar to Taurus, another earth sign, Virgos are incredibly loyal and caring of the people in their lives. 'The Band and I' is about Maisie's first headlining tour and her friendship with her bandmates. 

LIBRA - 'Watch'

Libras want everything to be perfectly balanced - but that doesn't always mean they'll be happy about it. 

SCORPIO -  'Lost The Breakup'

"I know I'm obsessed and
Right now, I might be a mess but
One day, you're gonna wake up
And, oh shit, you lost the breakup"

'Lost The Breakup' is truly the anthem for Scorpios - who feel deeply but don't let anyone break them down.

SAGITTARIUS -  'Coming Of Age'

Sagittariuses love knowledge and adventure. 'Coming Of Age' is about learning who you are and what you want. 

"coming of age is a song about redefining your role in your narrative; for so long i gave so much magic and story and power to other people, orbiting around them, believing they were the special."

CAPRICORN - 'There It Goes'

'There It Goes' is about 'closure and healing' which takes a lot of time and patience - and if there is any Capricorns know how to do, it's how to be patient.


Maisie shared on her social media: "this song is a mantra and a way of life, and definitely one for the girls who have quite simply had enough. it really does get straight to the point, and was inspired by not one, but several different people 🥰 it’s also a fun fact that i wrote this song and then proceeded to go on a first date right after and read the lyrics to him, iconic in hindsight. RIP!" 

We think this perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Aquariuses. 

PISCES - 'Wendy' 

Pisces are incredibly imaginative and sensitive and as 'Wendy' is "about believing in lost boys always, about being someone who wants to see the best in something or someone against all odds, [and] wilfully blinding yourself to the truth because the magic feels better," we think this song was made for all you Pisces. 

Maisie Peters' 'The Good Witch' is out now - listen below:

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