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Years & Years release an interactive music video for 'Shine'.

Years & Years release an interactive music video for 'Shine'.

Baes & Baes (a.k.a. Years & Years) are on a hot streak right now with 'Communion' released not too long ago and now with their coolest music video for their newest single, 'Shine'. This interactive video closely parallels those choose-your-own-adventure books as you can similarly choose how you want the music video to be.

There are three videos to choose from: light, dark, and shadow, and each are pretty self-explanatory. The "light" music video involves a lot of bright lights and white-colored everything that almost white-washes Olly from the video. The "dark" music video has very minimal, yet awesome dark-coloured lighting that you can see the silhouettes of Olly, Mikey, and Emre performing and dancing in darkness. The "shadow" music video, however, is the only one of the three where you can clearly see everything as Olly stands on a black-and-white checkered flooring with a shirt that matches in color and pattern.

It's fun to create your own music video using those three options, but I personally like having it play by itself so that it randomizes which is to play next. See what you create!

Watch (and play) with the interactive music video for 'Shine' below...

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