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Years & Years announce new album 'Palo Santo'.

Years & Years announce new album 'Palo Santo'.

After leading fans on an online scavenger hunt earlier today, Years & Years have now announced their second album, 'Palo Santo', and its impending release of July 6th.

UPDATE: Years & Years have now shared a trailer for their upcoming short film, also titled 'Palo Santo', which is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, and directed by Fred Rowson. Watch it below!

About the new album, the band's Olly Alexander says: "Our second album - PALO SANTO - comes out 6th July - I cannot wait for this to finally be out in the world y’all! It’s been a journey !!!!!Ups and downs and moons and Junes and Ferris wheels and fucking tearing my hair out and crying into my pillow and running down the road to just - get - around - the - next....- corner......I put all of it into Palo Santo, I put you and him and them and me into it. I’m emotional im aroused I’m upside down I’m just SO THANK FUL THAT THIS IS HAPPENING THERE IS A WITCHY GAY FULL MOON IN MY HEART AND ITS SHINING SHINING SHINING."

And here's the new album tracklist:

P.S. Y&Y have also been busy cooking something up with Dame Judi Dench!

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