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Watch: Florence + The Machine’s 'Delilah' music video.

Watch: Florence + The Machine’s 'Delilah' music video.

The sixth chapter of Florence + The Machine’s 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful' video Odyssey is finally here, with this stunning short-film for 'Delilah' bringing Flo back to the car accident featured in 'What Kind Of Man'.

About the song, Florence says: "This was one of the first songs Isa and I wrote for this record while we were at Geejam studios in Jamaica. It’s based on a party we had just been to in Miami, the biblical tale of Samson and Delilah and the agony of the mobile phone in modern relationships."

Of the video, director Vincent Haycock says: "‘Delilah’ is the turning point in the Odyssey. It’s basically Florence returning to the beginning of her journey. She’s been in Limbo and the transient motel in Hollywood represents the final layer. Without giving away the end of the Odyssey, Delilah ends with Florence confronting herself and then returning to the moment in the SUV before the car accident from ‘What Kind of Man.’ She is now back in the real world, she’s regained her strength, and on her way to the end."

Watch the music video for 'Delilah' below...

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