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Mumford & Sons - 'Ditmas' music video.

Mumford & Sons - 'Ditmas' music video.

Mumford & Sons have released a music video for 'Ditmas' - the latest single form the band’s third album, 'Wilder Mind' - which was shot on location in Kiev by director Alex Southam.

About the video, Southam says: "Whilst recently filming in Ukraine, I started doing some research and learning about Ukrainian Cossacks – their heritage, history, and associated spiritualism. I was surprised to learn that there is a small but ardent population who keep the traditions going. The narrative for Ditmas came about whilst discussing another idea for the band, when the suggestion of a cossacks were mooted. Cossacks are synonymous with incredible horesemanship, so it felt like a natural fit. Our character (Evgeniy) in the video has grown up within a cossack community. The video was shot in the stunning countryside surrounding Kiev which was something to behold. I spent a long time discussing our narrative and approach with Evgeniy, breaking down our narrative beat, as well as I could given the language barrier. Whilst the shoot was pretty brutal and unforgiving - particularly for our hero - we captured something really special."

Watch the 'Ditmas' music video below...

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