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Listen: Japanese Wallpaper's new song, 'Cocoon'.

Listen: Japanese Wallpaper's new song, 'Cocoon'.

Premiering on NME last week, Japanese Wallpaper has released a new single into the world in the form of ‘Cocoon’ - a glittering yet laid-back track, filled with delicate layered harmonies.

Following a support slot on M83’s recent Australian tour, it’s the first we’ve heard from Gab Strum for a little while, but is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Renowned for his collaborative work, Gab says: “Collaborations are half the fun... Working with people you like and respect. Every time I've collaborated with someone, I've learned so much about songwriting. However, ‘Cocoon’ is a completely solo effort from Gab.

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Listen to ‘Cocoon’ below…

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