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Watch: Matty Healy’s 'Loving Someone' speech for America.

Watch: Matty Healy’s 'Loving Someone' speech for America.

At The 1975’s show in Fairfax tonight, frontman Matty Healy introduced 'Loving Someone' during their set with a speech that addressed the U.S. election results and the band’s love for America.

Healy’s speech:

"I was going to ask you how you’re feeling, but I’m pretty sure I know how you feel. The way I imagine you feel, is the way we as English people kind of felt after we left the European Union - we woke up - but honestly, it’s a little bit worse to be honest with you. We woke up that day, as I’m sure you did today, and you’re questioning what your country is or who you are as a nation, and that is difficult because you are American; so it’s difficult to be objective. What I’m saying is, we’re from England, so we’re quite objective, and over the past four or five years we’ve been coming to America. We’ve been touring here, and we’ve kind of made a life for ourselves here, so it’s kind of like our second home. We love it here. And it’s difficult today to be objective about what America is and what it stands for and who you are, and I really empathise with that. Let me tell you that I know America, we know America, and the America that we know is a young America. It’s a young America, it’s a liberal America, it’s a compassionate America, it’s a socially responsible America. It’s an America that doesn’t react to fear with anger, and doesn’t react to anger with fear, especially. It’s also a black America, it’s a Muslim America, and it’s a gay America. And today’s a dark day. Listen, we feel it as well. We feel it just as much as you. And the thing is, whereas I know what seemingly is half the country is at the moment sided with unfortunately bigotry and racism, all of those things that we don’t stand for, but what I’m saying is, is that the other half of the country - a.k.a. you guys - is probably the best country that we’ve ever met in our lives. And they’re all gonna fucking die and we’re gonna outlive them and we’re gonna change the world."

Watch video footage of the speech below...
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