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Steven Yeun on the cover of Sharp, Spring 2021.

Steven Yeun on the cover of Sharp, Spring 2021.

Still on the 'Minari' promo trail, Steven Yeun covers the Spring 2021 issue of Sharp magazine, as photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg, and styled by Jeanne Wang in the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Saint Laurent.

On 'Minari' and what he learnt during filming: "What I realized making this film, which I think a lot of people realize, is that you’re so similar to your parents. There’s this deep connection running through the two generations. Some people are able to access it a little easier. Myself? I never had those conversations. It was always, ‘my Korean parents.’ Being able to play this role allowed me to contextualize them, and realize that I am an extension of my parents; I am my parents. Now I can have a real conversation with him, instead of talking to him in ways that seem detached and performative. Like you’re role-playing. Now, we’re connecting and meeting as human beings. It’s been a trip."

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