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Renforshort shares new single 'nostalgic (luvsick)'.

Renforshort shares new single 'nostalgic (luvsick)'.

Renforshort has followed up her previous release 'fuck i luv my friends' with a new single, 'nostalgic (luvsick)', one of her grungiest songs to date, which sees her drawing inspiration from Edgar Wright's 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' - she says: "I think that it’s really cool to be able to be in Scott’s shoes and play his character for a brief moment, also pulling in Edgar Wright’s creative style is something I wanted to be prevalent in the creatives.”

About the song she shares: “The song in itself is just reminiscing on past experiences with a person and now more then ever it feels very real for me, after all my friends have left for school and are moving away I feel like i’m thinking about our times together more than ever and this song really brings out those feelings and moments!”

Listen to 'nostalgic (luvsick)' below...

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