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Listen: Orville Peck + Shania Twain's duet 'Legends Never Die'.

Listen: Orville Peck + Shania Twain's duet 'Legends Never Die'.

Orville Peck has followed up his debut album from last year, 'Pony', with a brand new EP, 'Show Pony', which includes a duet with the queen of country Shania Twain.

About his new EP, Peck says: "Show Pony is the EP I’ve always wanted to make. Having spent the past year on the road and then in quarantine, I was able to reflect on all that had happened since the release of Pony and expand upon it. This is a collection of stories and I hope listeners will join me in them. I cannot thank Shania enough for being part of this; she has always been a hero of mine and her music made me feel so empowered growing up. As cliché as it sounds, recording with her and getting to get up on stage and sing with her in Nashville is a dream come true. No words really."

Watch the 'Legends Never Die' music video and listen to the whole EP below...

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