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My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way says that "there aren’t any plans for a reunion."

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way says that "there aren’t any plans for a reunion."

In further 10th anniversary celebrations of 'The Black Parade', Steve Aoki has remixed 'Welcome To The Black Parade' and chatted to Buzzfeed alongside MCR’s Gerard Way about rumours of a band reunion.

About the reunion rumours, Way says:

"You know, there aren’t any plans for a reunion, or a tour, or anything like that. I guess what is just really cool, you know, the relationships between the people in the band are really solid. I think everybody misses each other, and we definitely miss playing with each other — but at the same time, everybody is really happy with their lives. And we’re able to recognize that My Chemical Romance was this one period, this moment in time that we’re really proud of. But I think the most important thing is that everybody is happy creating, and doing what they want to do, and have really great relationships with each other."

And about what 'The Black Parade' album means to him today: "It represents a very intense time, which is funny, because it’s a really intense time right now. We really tried to make this record kind of a universal theme about death, and that seems to always be relevant. To me, it means the purest kind of creative artistic expression that we could possibly have created."

Listen to Aoki’s remix below...

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