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Listen: Mini Mansions' Tyler Parkford releases new song, 'Nothing In The Rain'.

Listen: Mini Mansions' Tyler Parkford releases new song, 'Nothing In The Rain'.

Tyler Parkford - one third of Mini Mansions, and one half of Mister Goodnite - has more recently contributed to the soundtrack for an upcoming feature film, ‘Kate Can’t Swim’, and a new song of his called ‘Nothing In The Rain’ has been released into the world via Soundcloud.

In a bio on the film’s website that was most probably written by Parkford himself, he’s described himself as such:

“Tyler Parkford is a Los Angeles-based composer mostly known for comprising the weirder one-third of Mini Mansions and for fathering the now infamous avant garde lounge alter-ego, Mister Goodnite. Parkford, of Long Beach decent, uses a wide range of genetically modified genres, from classical fugues to 90's hiphop ballads to 70's defeatist psychadelia to jukebox soul, in the hopes of creating new breeds of exotic mating calls for undiscovered species. Classically trained as a child, Parkford mysteriously walked away from his chances to become a child prodigy pianist and instead chose a life of intriguing uncertainty in the hills of Santa Cruz. It was to be there where he would meet his first and only two lovers, film and music, to which he was forced to retreat into a deep void of collegiate dedication, studying his lover's every detail for years and years. When the time came, Parkford abandoned his books and headed to the great city of Los Angeles in the hopes of becoming a mythical music tycoon, in which Mini Mansions and Mister Goodnite are sure to be only the first steps in this very strange adventure of his. Tyler Parkford currently resides in Atwater Village with his pet rabbit Otis and is rumored to be the author of his own bios.”

Listen to ‘Nothing In The Rain’ below…

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