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Millie Bobby Brown x Vogue Australia, January 2018.

Millie Bobby Brown x Vogue Australia, January 2018.

'Stranger Things' actress Millie Bobby Brown features in this new editorial for Vogue Australia magazine's January 2018 issue, which she shot last year while in Sydney for a Supernova Comic-Con convention.

On how she copes with the sudden attention: "It’s my choice to do this. Like, I have chosen to act and I know what comes with acting is fame and photographers and paparazzi and interviews all the time, and I love it because it’s my favourite thing. I don’t want to be sitting at home doing school. I mean, I do do that, obviously, but I know what comes with it and I love it. But definitely going back home to Georgia and sitting there and not doing anything … that’s what I have to try to cope with. Because I can’t really deal with the quiet time."

On what she's learnt from portraying a character living in the 1980s: "I’ve learnt so much from the 80s, and I think the one thing that I am jealous of is people from the 80s had freedom, like not because I am well known, but no child is allowed freedom these days. I mean, the world is so dangerous. I feel like in the 80s you could ride your bike and go to the supermarket without telling your parents, or go and find your best friend in the Upside Down [the fictional alternate universe in Stranger Things] and that’s fine, because your mum really does not mind. But now my mum is like: ‘You’re going where? No, I am coming with you.’ So, yeah, it is definitely something that I am very envious of."

On joining UNICEF as an advocate for World Children’s Day: "Education is a really big thing for me. And I think that’s what’s so cool about Stranger Things and the platform that I have, is using my knowledge on what I have. I mean, I am 13, I am not an expert on this, so I am still learning myself, but I have the voice to speak about things that I feel so passionate about and … I want girls to learn and have an education and I want to help kids. I feel like that is so important. A big thing for me is World Children’s Day, which is a big day for everyone, especially children! Just to kind of celebrate how amazing they are. I have a five-year-old sister myself and, I mean, I am a child, and I frickin’ love it, to be honest with you!"

Read the full interview here.

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